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* Pictures are examples only and not actual finished unit

Invest in this Amazing Brand-New Property!

Buy Pre-Sell & Save 25%!

(estimated completion Jan or Feb 2024)

This investment is for a Partial Ownership in a New Condominium complex as shown on our Exclusive Offering Page. The property has 4 Towers with 1,536 condos.  There are 3 swimming pools, Club house and an Amazing Workout center.  Expected to be completed First Quarter of 2024. The Casama Residences are professionally managed by our Concierge for Scheduling, Cleaning, Maintenance, paying Utilities and Taxes.  So, all you need to do is Show Up and enjoy your vacation!  Included in your investment is the FREE use of an NMax motorcycle during your stay

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The condominium complex is expected to be finished around Jan or Feb of 2024.  By investing now in one of the available Condo’s at Pre-Sell pricing, you will save a minimum of 25% off Retail of the finished unit.  You can purchase a minimum of 1 week or up to 8 weeks use per year.  As an owner, you can use the Condo, Motorcycle and Local Cell Phone for FREE when you come!  You don’t have to worry about the Electric, Water, Gas, Internet or Taxes, those will be already paid.  Just come and Enjoy your vacation!  The unit will be a Custom Luxury Condo, fully furnished with High Quality furniture and Appliances and a fully furnished kitchen with high quality Dishes, Cookware, Coffee maker, etc.  Everything you need to be very comfortable during your stay. 

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Maintenance & Upkeep:


  • Each condo unit will be Cleaned, Stocked, and Inventoried every week when in use.

  • During your stay, each unit will be cleaned, bedding and towels changed before you arrive and mid-week.  If you need anything, please contact our Concierge 24X7.

  • 2 weeks each year, the condo will not be available so we can do maintenance and painting. 

  • Every 3 to 4 years, the furniture, bed, and carpet will be replaced

  • Every 3 years, the motorcycle will be replaced


If you are purchasing the Condo as an Investment, here are your options for a “Return on your Investment”:

  1. You can sell your ownership at any time.  If you purchase Pre-Sell at $3,640, the expected Retail cost after the condo and complex is finished, is estimated at $4,550 or more, for each week that you own.

  2. If you are not going to be using your time, you can rent it to Friends or Airbnb it.  The average rental rate per week is around $600 USD, because of the Luxury of the condo, the (3) swimming pools, Club House, Workout room and the beautiful grounds.

  3. You can carry your time over to the following year!  If we can see ample time the following year.  You must use it or rent it within the 2-year period.

  4. Or, Let us rent it for you!  Hassel Free!

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Casama Properties owns several condos in this property.  The purchase options below are for Unit #1824.  These prices are valid through October, 2023. 


Example:  The purchase price of $3,640 is a one-time payment.  You can Use, Rent or Carry it forward for 1 year with No Additional cost. (But, there is a small maintenance fee of $180 per year for the following:  Condo maintenance, Cleaning, Motorcycle, Utilities and Taxes).


  • For cash investment: Please see the price below and you can also receive Free Bonus Weeks, during the promo selling period.

Financing is available: There are no credit checks, and we carry the financing In-House.  But you will not receive the Deed of contract until it is fully paid.  You can use the property after you pay the deposit and 4 months of payments.


If you are paying Cash and Investing at the Pre-Sale Price:  Below are some statistics regarding your average weekly and daily cost over a 15-year period.  The average cost below includes: Concierge services, Condo, Furnishing, Free use of Motorcycle and Local phone with unlimited internet during your travel around Cebu and other Islands.


  • Example of Purchasing (1) week per year:  One single payment of $3,640 and you will have the exclusive right to use the Luxury Condo, Swimming Pools, Club House, Workout room, free use of Motorcycle and Cell Phone (for local calls and internet) and a private Concierge to help with booking or other needs you might have.  You have all the above for only $227.50 for 1 week or $32.50 per day.  Just renting a motorcycle is about $15 per day, so your condo cost is about $17.50 per day.


  • Example of Purchasing (4) weeks per year:  One single payment of $10,350 and you have all the above for only $161.72 for 1 week or $23.10 per day.  Just renting a motorcycle is about $15 per day, so your condo cost is about $8.00 per day.


  • Or make it Income Producing:

    • Rent it for about $400 to $500 per week or

    • Sell it later as a Real Estate investment.

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