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  1. Confirm Guest is coming to Cebu within the next 3 months 

  2. Fill out the Agent Guest Referral Form (must be a foreigner coming to visit Cebu


○This will assign you as the Agent and you will be paid the Referral Fees.  If the guest is not already registered with another agent.  We will confirm that you can be the agent of record once you fill out the Agent Guest Referral Form.

○ Here is the link to the Agent Guest Referral Form  CLICK HERE

• Information needed to fill out the form:

• Guests: First & Last Name, Phone # and Email

• Estimated: # of Guests, Month of Arrival, # of Weeks they will stay, and Age.


   3. We would prefer it if you could email the guest.  CLICK HERE for the Cut and Paste email information:

               • Copy and paste the Subject info.

               • Copy and paste the Email section into the email

               • Attach the Casama Residences Information PDF to the email


   4. If you are using WhatsApp or another app:

               • Attach the Use Casama Residences PDF

               • Attach the Casama Residences Information PDF to the email


   5. Below is the process for you to receive the P200 for referring a Guest: 

             We will use your Guest Referral form to check if you are the first agent to register this guest. You must                      be the first agent to register, if not, we will let you know that the guest is already registered.

               • We must communicate with the guest to confirm that they are coming within the next 3 months.

              After A & B above are completed, we will pay you the P200 referral fee to your registered GCash or

                 PayMaya accounts within 1 to 2 days.

    6. If your guest does rent from us and gives us the Payment to reserve the property, we will pay you between   

         P500 to P2,000 referral fee based on length of stay and total cost

    7. If your guest purchases property from us. You will be paid P5,000 to P10,000 based on the purchase amount.

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