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We are looking for Agents who will refer their foreign clients who want to Rent a Condo or House in the Cebu area. 

Agents will be paid a Referral Bonus from P500 to P10K based on the rental or purchase.  Agents can also be paid for referring their friends to become agents. 


All payments will be made via PayMaya or GCash. 

About Casama Residences Property Management Company:   

Casama is an Upper-Class Short & Long-Term Property Management company. We specialize in working with foreigners. We have found that most visiting foreigners will ask their Lady friends for recommendations. We are looking for Agents who chat with foreigners who might want to come visit Cebu and refer them to our service. Our services are FREE to the foreigner, the Unit Owners pay for our services.  

All our units will have FREE Concierge service, FREE use of a new NMAX, FREE iPhone with unlimited Local Calls and Data, Optional Airport pickup, and several other services.  

The Process for our Agents: (1) Fill out the Agent Application Form, (2) If approved, we will send you a link to fill out Agent setup form, so we can track your referrals. (3) Fill out a Referral form for your Foreign Friends to be assigned to you as their Agent (5) Refer your Foreign friends with our approved referral links for additional information on Units that are available for Rent.  


Casama Agent Terms & Conditions: 

  • You agree to represent Casama Residences in a Professional manner

  • We will contact you to verify your best contact information and payment info

  • You will be paid via GCash or PayMaya as per below:

    • P100 if approved to be an Agent

    • P50 for each Approved Agent referral that signs up and gives your name as the referring agent

    • P200 for each referral that contacts us, and we talk with. They must have a foreign telephone contact number. Only (1) agent per client (so we will validate if you are the first referral agent)

    • Agent Referral Rental Bonus will be P500 to P2,000, depending on length of stay

    • Agent Referral Purchase Bonus will be P5K to P10K, based on Partial Ownership Purchased

    • (Bonuses amounts can be changed at any time without notice)



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